The Hidden Wordpress Manual

This guide is a clear and easy to follow PDF guide
with simple screenshots, You will not find any talk
of HTML, PHP or creating WP Themes here. What
you will find is an easy to follow WordPress manual
that will help you understand the basics of editing
your site content.

Wordpress Essentials
This Free Wordpress Video Course explores formatting text,
inserting images and media, post types and post formats,
custom menus, widgets, themes and plugins. All the basic
knowledge you will need to help you get started!
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help you resolve your problem as quickly as possible.
Free beautiful and powerful wordpress themes
to choose from!

We Are Offering Free Wordpress Tutorial Videos

Wordpress Videos Online Teaches You Everything You Need to Know. Build a Professional Website....Yourself
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I am a begginer and this all sounds really complicated

All of us have been beginners at one time or another. No one is born with the knowledge or skills to do this kind of work. The Wordpress tutorials we provide walk you through from those beginning stages through to a mastery level. Many tutorials are written for more advanced users, laden down with complex hierarchies and technical jargon. Not Wordpress Videos Online.

Why video tutorials and not a book?

About 65% of us learn better when we are shown rather than told. Wordpress Videos Online is a collection of more than 150 video tutorials that cover everything you’ll need to know to get started and go far beyond that. We have been using Wordpress on a professional level for years. We have built Wordpress sites for thousands of clients. Now, we’re happy to share the benefit of our experience with budding bloggers and businesses around the world.

Can't I just get information for free on YouTube?

The simple answer is no. While you might get bits and pieces of the information we’re providing, you won’t find a one-stop-shop for Wordpress video tutorials like we are presenting you here. It could take months or even years trying to hunt down all this valuable information, let alone find tried and true methods from a reliable source rather than a basement coder who does things in a very particular and unique way that may not work well with other methods posted on their own website or something like YouTube. Wordpress Videos Online provides you everything you need to get started, build, and manage a top performing Wordpress site. It’s all available in easy to follow, easy to understand series of logical steps, too. The wealth of experience of this qualified, professional team has been gathered, condensed and combined to provide you with the absolute highest quality Wordpress video learning series. We take you through everything including How to install your Wordpress and Wordpress plugins How to download, install, and update Wordpress templates And even how to market your site

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