Customizing Your WordPress Admin URL To Make Your WordPress The Best

If you by chance you’re now just beginning to learn your way around WordPress. Maybe you’ve been running the default functionality, and have decided it’s time to start changing things around. Making your WordPress blog or website a customized site, one great place to start is the wordpress admin URL or backend.

One of the wonderful things regarding WordPress is, using a simple PHP function can easily customize the backend. Unless you’re like some individuals who may not understand what or how the PHP function means. If this is you, then this can be easily remedied. When you go to WordPress Videos Online you can purchase a video tutorial, which will teach you everything you could want or need to know in regards to WordPress.

By utilizing the wordpress admin URL, you can customize your login page using your own logo; you can add new widget on your dashboard. You can also add on custom content on your admin footer. You can manage how you login or out of your admin area, and make your WordPress a more secure access with the wordpress admin URL.

One of the bigger issues with going in and changing your wordpress admin URL is that the need for some coding will be require. In reality you can change most of the WordPress URL pages, if you know how to change the coding. If you are unsure about what to do for your wordpress admin URL to customize it, then you are not alone. Which is why WordPress Videos Online is so beneficial. The video packages are an easy way to learn in a quick, and efficient manor.

So when you’re ready to take the time to customize your wordpress admin URL you can either change it if you are code ready, or watch the videos if you are looking for a little help.

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